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The Hammond Northshore Regional Airshow will be BACK
september 19TH & 20th OF 2020

The Hammond Airshow Foundation has welcomed Chip Rocker to the board. Mr. Rocker is co-owner of H Rocker Electric based here in Hammond.

Newly elected officers to the foundation:
Guy Recotta (President), Hammond Mayor Pete Panepinto (Vice President), Theresa Harris (Treasurer), Joe Thomas (Secretary), Chip Rocker (Board Member) & Joel Champagne, Jr. (Board Member)
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Get all the latest on the upcoming 2020 show including our lineup schedule, featured events, vendors, and more.
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the hammond northshore regional airshow is
a no drone zone

Some of our 2020 Sponsors

F-22 Raptor

The F-22 Raptor is the Air Force's newest fighter aircraft. Its combination of stealth, super cruise, maneuverability, and integrated avionics, coupled with improved supportability, represents an exponential leap in war fighting capabilities and it was the Hammond Airshow's main attraction!
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Merchandise available at the airshow

Freedom, Then & Now

2018's show features the theme of " Freedom, Then & Now." We'll be honoring veterans from past wars, fighter aircrafts, and more.
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Randy Ball Mig-17f Jet

Made famous by the Vietnam War, the MiG-17F was the primary enemy aircraft engaged in the skies over Vietnam by U.S. aircraft, such as the A-4, A-7, F-8, B-52, F-100, F-105 and its primary nemesis, the F-4 Phantom II.
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The Hammond AirShow featured the Commerative Air Force's Invader Squadron A-26. Experience the performance of a fighter with the strength of a bomber. This aircraft has quite the  distinguished history, serving as far back as 1945 with the 127th in Florence, Italy.
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Now Partnering with the WWII Museum

Next October's Show will also feature P-47s, a staple of America's contribution to the Allies invasion of German occupied territory during the second World War.
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Shockwave Jet Truck

Drag Racing Excitement is here! Hammond will now host with the world's fastest semi, the one and only Shockwave Jet Truck. Get ready for more fire, more smoke, more speed, and more fun!
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B-2 Spirit Bomber

America's heavy penetration strategic bomber, featuring low observable stealth technology designed for penetrating dense anti-aircraft defenses; will also be making an appearance at the Hammond Northshore Regional Airshow
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AeroShell Aerobatic Team

The Hammond AirShow will now feature one of the nation's top shows. The AeroShell Aerobatic Team has been performing for over twenty-five years, amassing thousands of hours in front of airshow fans all over North America.
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