A Recipe for Family Fun

March 10, 2023

One thing we know for a fact: Kids LOVE the Hammond Northshore Regional Airshow! There’s plenty to see, plenty to do, and tons of fun to be had! We’ve committed to making our event kid-friendly so that you can bring the whole family out for the big weekend.

An airshow is a memory your entire family will treasure. There’s nothing quite like watching skydivers plummet and sail through the skies, the Shockwave Semi complete a quarter-mile track in just 6.63 seconds, and many incredible airplanes that perform some of the best acts you’ll ever see! When planning to attend with your family, you want to make sure everyone is comfortable and ready for an awesome day. Here are the necessities we highly recommend, so everyone has a great time.

Top three Hammond Northshore Regional Airshow necessities:

Ear Protection

We have some extraordinary acts. Seriously, check out our Attractions page! With all of these incredible feats, loud noises are sure to be a part of the act. Make sure to bring earplugs, or invest in a child-sized headset, so your little ones can safely enjoy the show!

Sunscreen and Your Favorite Shades

Don’t forget the sunscreen and sunglasses! An expert tip is to keep your little one's sunnies on a lanyard, so they’re easier to find. Make sure you have your shades ready, so you and your little ones can both see everything there is to see. There’s a lot!

Sunscreen is a daily necessity, but it’s even more important when you’re out in the sun all day at the Hammond Northshore Regional Airshow. Make sure you apply sunscreen before you head our way, and reapply regularly.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Make sure you and your little ones both have a good pair of sneakers! Don’t come home from a fantastic day with the souvenir no one wants--blisters. As a bonus, having comfy tennis shoes means your kids are already wearing socks and ready for the bounce houses in our Kid Zone!

Look through our website with your child/ren, and talk to them about the different acts they will get to see! It’s a great way to build excitement for the big day! One of the biggest kid perks of the airshow is that we offer a free kids village. While most airshows charge for their Kids Village, we wanted to make sure all the kids in attendance would be able to participate and have a wonderful time.

We can’t wait for your family to make memories to last a lifetime at the Hammond Northshore Regional Airshow. Tickets are on sale now!