#ThePlaneThePlane Social Media Challenge

March 10, 2023

#ThePlaneThePlane Social Media Challenge

Calling all plane enthusiasts and aviation fanatics, your home is now your cockpit and we are ready to see how you fly! Students in grades 12th Grade & under, now is your chance to put your aviation knowledge to work and build the coolest plane with materials found at home. The plane doesn't need to be able to fly.

Here is how it works:

  1. Build a plane with materials from home
  2. Visit Our Facebook Page @hammondLAairshow to Enter
  3. Comment the Name of the Plane & Grade of the Builder on our original contest post
  4. Comment a video or photo of your plane


  1. Training Captain:  Preschool -  2nd Grade
  2. Junior Pilot: 3rd Grade - 6th Grade
  3. First Cadet: 7th Grade - 12th Grade

*Contest ends May 15th.  Winner must be in Preschool - 12th Grade. Submissions may be shared at a later date or used on social media. One entry per child. No professional or commercial plane model kits can be used.

Winners will be announced on our Facebook page on May 19th and receive TWO tickets to the airshow (one for you and one for your wingman).


  1. Can Parents Help Build the Plane?
    Yes, of course parents may assist. But, remember this contest was created to challenge our kids' creativity and imagination.  
  2. What Size Does the Plane Need to Be?
    The size of the Plane is up to you.
  3. How Should I Name the Plane?
    Let your child use their imagination (and make sure it is appropriate!)
  4. Does the Plane Have to Be Able To Fly?
    The plane does not have to fly, but we'd think the foundation would love to see that!
  5. What Materials Am I Allowed To Use?
    Get creative! It can be anything. Please use materials already available at your home during the Stay-At-Home Order.