Vampy Is Coming To the 2021 Hammond Northshore Regional Airshow

March 10, 2023

A new act is making its way to this year’s Hammond Northshore Regional Airshow! We are pleased to welcome Vampy right here to Hammond, America. The Vampire Airshows de Havilland DH-115 may be new to the Hammond Northshore Regional Airshow, but it’s one of the most historical and incredible planes on the circuit. The Vampire is the world's oldest flying jet fighter and the world's first single-engine jet fighter. Witness a piece of history right above your head. 

The Vampire is known for its speed, noise, jet warbird aerobatics, and grabbing the audience's attention. Vampy is unique to the airshow circuit; there’s nothing else quite like it! 

The Vampire was the world's first single-engine fighter jet and was built complete with the first ejection seats. As the first RAF jet fighter with a top speed above 500 mph and the first jet aircraft to fly across the Atlantic, Vampy already has an impressive resume. Now, it will be adding the Hammond Northshore Regional Airshow to its list of impressive feats! 

As World War II entered the middle phase of the war, a need arose for a new fighter plane that would be fast, agile, and lethal. Enter the Vampire. The de Havilland DH 100 Vampire FB-6 fighter was the perfect solution to this need. First flown on September 2, 1943, Vampy entered service officially in 1946. When Victory Day finally arrived following the long and tumultuous World War II, the Vampire led the flypast over London at the Victory Day Celebrations. That may have been the end of the war, but it wasn’t the end of the road, or rather an airstrip, for Vampy. Vampires remained in service in several air forces through the 1980s, and the Swiss Air Force was the last to retire their extensive fleet in 1990. 

Vampy may be celebrating its 78th birthday this year, but being nearly an octogenarian doesn’t stop it from bringing the heat to the show. Vampy is a family-friendly act that will engage the youngest viewers in your family as well as experienced airshow fans. Bring the whole family to witness the incredible Vampire and the rest of our extensive list of acts on October 16-17, 2021. 

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